Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Hello World!

"Write a blog" they said, "It'll be fun" they said.

Well actually sitting here typing my thoughts is kind of nice. A time to myself where I can just relax and pour my thoughts onto the screen.

I don't mean to sound like a grumpy pile of... grump, but if your still reading I'll let you in on why I'm starting this blog; it's my development and documentation of my first game! "Woohoo!" you say, "I know!" I say. I have started with things like concept ideas and stuff a couple of weeks before this blog even existed but hey, now that I've got some sprites on a screen that don't look half bad this great game might become a reality! "Woah what? Sprites? Lemme see lemme see now!" Hold your horses either me from the past reminiscing about the game that made me millions... or readers, I want to talk about why I'm making this game and what it's about :)

Wow where to start, a bit about myself? Nah I'll drop that in as I go along. I should tell you my style of blogging is just writing what comes in my mind, I try not to go back and delete stuff and make it make sense so make like an animal and 'bear' with me! (Oh warning: lame puns may occasionally be dropped :P) So about this game (Que the epic back story music):
This game is set in Medieval times. The story follows one man who had lived alone in the forest for most of his years, he had stumbled across a cave he had never come across before. He explored deep into its depth, when he found a fragment/huge crystal. He thought he was rich, he could have it all, this gem or whatever it was so rare the King would bow to him! He picked it up/touched it and a surge of energy passed through him. (Notices how long this intro is) After recovering he realizes he has become younger, back to his adult self! Also at will he could change between. But a curse had come with this blessing, fate was so kind to him that he could never die, not by age, not by man. Soon he had become so tired of the world he ventured forth to find a way to end his curse, of eternal life, immortality, eternality! (Dum dum duuuum)

So yeah read that if you dare! It is a very serious game (really... no sarcasm here) and I hope to portray the themes explored in this game in an eye opening way. The reason I'm making this game kind of falls into two categories: one; I want to be a game designer professionally and to do that I need to make/be part of games right now, two; my A Level results are coming in about a bit more than a month and (don't tell anyone) but I'm pretty sure I'm not getting into University. It's not that I'm a slacker/is dumb, it's just... the nerves got the better of me :/ So by making this game I can prove to myself and my family that I am still dedicated to my dream job (game design, keep up guys! :P) and hopefully I can charge for it (not too much because it's not too long) but this will show people (more specifically my parents) that I can make some money (moola, dosh, squid whatever fits your bill :D)

Enough of my life story! This is my like first blog ever yakno :O So yeah without further adue here are some of the sheets that I have written about the concept of the game Hmm, I'll keep those to myself. What you can have a look at is some character designs!

Oops, I forgot to make a larger size example of Old Man Sprite... Meh, the small version is what everyone will see. I do notice the legs are a little off and he doesn't look quite finished, I'm just having trouble refining him further than that. I might put him on a forum but most ask for a whole showcase so I'm going to carry on working on the adult/middle aged man, keep in mind they are the same person (spoiler! :P) so I'm trying to mimic that by keeping hair styles and clothes kind of similar.

Well that's all I can think to include, I'll try to do daily updates but knowing me it'll end up being a few long ranty ones :P If you like that, great! If you like the sound of this, great! If you can give some tips and advice, I don't mind! If you don't like it, well sorry! Maybe my next game will appeal to you :)

I guess I should end with a catchphrase of some kind too, yaknow kind of make my image/mark on the interwebs...

See you next level B-) (please say no one uses this already :O)

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