Wednesday, 26 June 2013

New Adult and Child Sprite!

Hello guys it's me again! Just a quick list of things I think I should mention that I didn't in the first post:
1. This game simply put is a 2D Adventure Platformer with some puzzle elements
2. My parents are not evil as I may have made them out to be, they are supportive and kind. Although if/when they find out I'm most probably going to fail then the demons from within them will rise and crush me
C. I know the entirety of the blog looks kind of bleak, I really want to make it epic so people look at it and go "Wow, I should really actually read some of these HUGE blocks of text!"
D. I should get around to writing out a proper brief of the game, I'll set a word limit and do research into other peoples game intros and stuff and put it somewhere
E. I should number/letter my lists appropriately

I know I said that I don't go through my posts but that was the first one so I was a bit nervous that I had left stuff out. And of course I did.

Ok before I spoil you with sprites and images of stuff I guess I should tell you that I'm on DeviantArt! "Yay" say "It's not that big of a deal!" I say. I guess it's for people who don't necessarily read this and skip to the art. Do people do that? Meh if you do than watch me on dA! [Trilaterus on deviantART]

Now what did I do today in regards to Eternality? Well my plan was to get the three sprites (that is child, adult and old characters) all done ready for criticism on various forums or just straight up animating. Although I'd probably start working on my cave tiles and backgrounds before animating anything. But yeah that kind of happened, I worked on the adult and child and got them complete with relative ease (the hand drawn design really helped) but I need to do the old version again because, well... he isn't facing the right way. I know it's a silly mistake but I've done it now let's just sort it out... weeeeell maybe tomorrow. Here are the two sprites and their respective large versions (I work on them in their original size then enlarge them so you can see them kind of better so if there are a few pixels off in the enlarged version then whoops!):

Now the reason why the adult version is rocking a chain one of the versions is because I was thinking that there had to be some key factor that made sure the player easily recognizes that these are all the same person. So what came to mind were things like: similar hair, similar clothes or a unique accessory. If this was any other games I could have given him a unique and wicked looking weapon of some form but he doesn't really use weapons. Well unless you count the walking stick in the old version. So if you have any ideas then feel free to comment :)

Now I would give more information about the game but I don't want to end up having nothing to write... I guess I should work hard enough everyday so I do have something to write!

So since we are talking about all three characters as one person as the main function of the game the player can choose what age the character is at. Now as to when he can change and where he can change and to what age he can change to is a different thought process that is still being, well processed. But what is clear is that each age has a few abilities that the other ages cannot do or cannot do as well, for example:
In oldest age the character had learnt the ability to use levitation, use this ability to solve various puzzles or potentially knock enemies out cold!
At adult age the character is most strong, having the most health (if a health system is in place and if it is it'll have to be in percentage so it scales equally between ages) and jumping and running the fastest. His main perk will most probably be to climb climbable walls and such
At child age the player will be able to crawl. Yup that's all I can think of at the moment but it's a good ability! As he is young and small he can fit into places grown men can't reach. Making his age excellent for sneaking around to a good hiding place to change again into adult age and beating someone up!

So yeah, there are some sprites and some mechanics. A quick shoutout to anyone reading this who knows me as AdvanceMapFreak (see this website [Advance Map FREAKS!] to see what I  mean if you don't) I don't do Pokemon ROMs and stuff anymore, my YouTube channel (shoutout and promo number 2! [] I know it looks a bit sketchy at the moment but can you blame me? I'm working on Eternality!) is going to be a bit stale for a while. Until I get my new computer (Woo!) and some better kit like microphones and maybe a webcam, then I'll start uploading videos of crazy games with killer concepts.

So thanks for reading this guys... girls... peoples? Gah I need a new interwebs name for you peeps too?... Aah!

So peeps, see you next level! :D

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