Tuesday, 2 July 2013


Hey peeps, sorry I've not blogged in like a few days. If I don't it's because I'm busy or because I haven't done anything noteworthy to share. I'd still like to write what happened in my day but most of the time I don't get a chance because I leave my blogging till the end of the day, then I'm too tired to want to write and everyone else in the house is sleeping and I feel bad tip tapping along.

But enough with apologies and baloney let's get to some work I've actually done!

I can't stress enough how much "The Iconoclasts" has inspired me, I've downloaded both alphas and I'm forcing myself to pace my way through the old version (that means no, I haven't played to the end of the 2011 alpha, just the freezing end of the 2012 one). It is a majorly awesome game and is literally my exact aim to be like that. As in an entirely one man band making an awesome game, and by awesome game I mean a game that fully complies with Raph Kosters theory of fun (another major inspiration of mine!). It has a gripping plot, intuitive gameplay and to top it all off some outstanding graphical design. So I'm admitting now, if my game resembles Iconoclasts, then it is because it is a huge motivator for me right now and if it wasn't for that game, I might not have made more progress for weeks.

So onto what I did today, I'm sure my writing is all over the place but, yeah who cares about that. I did say that I need to change the Old Man character so I did attempt to do that, I'm still not pleased with the version I have now but I can't improve it at the moment so I decided to move onto the next task which was creating the cave floor tiles. If you actually read the story synopsis (I think I might have mentioned it :S) but the player starts in a cave, so I thought I should work on the tileset for the cave. I'm running out of time just writing this blog so I'll keep it short and explain it tomorrow, I'll keep it so short that I'll upload the sprites that I've done and say goodbye!

And yup before you ask the first line of mud like tile things are from Iconoclasts :P

Well I can't exactly remember how I ended it last time but I'll just wing it I guess,
See you peeps next level :D

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