Thursday, 4 July 2013


Hey peeps, this will be a really short post because I'm doing it on my phone! What? Why would he need to do it on his phone? Why does it have to be so short?  Well I've had a tough time putting hours into project Eternality because I've had cousins staying over... Younger than me. So I hope you can imagine the amount of torturous playing on the PS3 I had to do. I calculated (for once) the amount of hours I put in today and it was 1. Yup, 1. On the bright side I got a ton of work done, I've finished the cave floor tiles and have started deconstructing the art style overlay. Yeah this isn't going to be interesting because I can't show you sprites because... Yeah you should know. 

Sorry peeps but this level has been very dry. At least with the app I can blog even if I don't do anything noteworthy. It'll makes feel guilty for the next day. So on that note, I will see you next level. 

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