Friday, 5 July 2013

Image Updates

Hey peeps I'll need to keep it short because my internet is flickering on and off so I'll upload the image of the tiles, which were already on DeviantArt (Look up Trilaterus) but I'll put them here so there can be another copy of them somewhere.
I used MS Paint for this one so mind the white background, I kind of like it because of it's simplicity. Anyways I wrote these notes on a notepad while analyzing some levels so I hope they  make some sense:

There are 3 sets of tiles used in the floors of the levels:

1. The generic obviously repeated floor (the ones I mimicked for my cave floors)

2. The tiles that cover the invisible tiles
   There are a set of tiles (just think of the tileset that built up the path in AdvanceMap, you needed up, down, left, right, the corners and the inside corners.
   Same with this except there are two variants of each tile/most tiles and an invisible tile behind that, which can be used to accurately make maps.

3. Using the 'tiled background' feature in Construct there is a layer full of random square block images tiled in the empty space between paths/ceilings and the edges of the screen

This combination should create the look of an art style platformer while maintaining the accuracy of a tile based platformer.

So yeah I did do a sheet labeling which tile is which but I would need to export that to show you and that's kind of long :O

So yeah now my plan is to get a grip on Construct slightly and start doing the boring technical part of measuring everything up, I'll need to choose a display size that is effective and I'll need to see if I can put on a lock/clip/guideline that'll make placing the tiles more easier.

Hopefully this saves and publishes, so peeps I'll see you next level! :)

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