Sunday, 4 August 2013

A Days Worth in a Morning

He sat comfortably by light of the lamp, even though shining through the living room glass doors came the natural sunlight of the early morning. He didn't necessarily feel tired, but for some reason he stopped working. You should have seen him this past hour! New ideas flowing out of his ear holes, sketches upon notes of designs and concepts, furiously being neatly noted on plain and lined papers. Then he stopped. Maybe it's because his throat hurts a bit, maybe it's because he's worried he'll get tired tomorrow, maybe it's maybelline, whatever it is, he's packed up and is ready to hit the sack. 

A new idea floats happily in his mind. He considers lightening the tone of the entire game. No one likes entirely 100% doom and gloom he thought. That's why the Dumbfounding Guards 101 for Dummies was such a great idea to him. It would be hilarious, helpful and great fun for him to write and design. 

Writing about writing this book also reminded him to write in the blog he was writing, that it seemed to him that the platforming element seemed to tax his patience when designing, yet planning the guard mechanics was an absolute joy. To be honest he couldn't have a clear view as he has barely started planning the first guard room, but he has done 3 other platformer rooms and they were really, really dull. 

In any case the boss is still yet to be planned out and that should be a great source of fun for him. All he needs to do is do more work in the day and not just the mornings.

Yawning incoherently he finishes up his blog post by humorously saying good morning to his peeps, and that he will see them in the next level

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