Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Slow but Steady

He was abusing the saying slow and steady. It seemed to him merely a myth, that a race, a challenge defined by speed and recklessness, can be won by remaining cool and collected. 

He was typing nonsense because he was very sleepy. Although it was not the amount he had set out to complete tonight, he had done enough to satisfy himself for now and give himself a jump start tomorrow. 

He notices his posts might be getting shorter. That's because he's staying later doing more work. Although he's scared to share more game elements in case they get stolen, or even worse they already exist. 

He will let his peeps know more about the game when a decent demo is out. Then he can freely mention what elements and gameplays he is planning to add and improve in the full version. 

Sleepily I drifted between tenses possibly ruining the immersion for the audience. He was never good at English even though I studied it at A Level, he forced himself to stop typing by saying see you next level. 

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