Saturday, 3 August 2013

The Day he Wrote in 3rd Person

It had been a long time since he opened the Blogger app and wrote. He promised himself when he started he would write everyday, even if it was not relevant to the game. But the trials and tribulations of the world got in his way. 

But not today. 

He didn't want people to think he had given up, he never gives up. Well sometimes he gives up for a bit, but you can trust that he will come back sooner or later. 

He yawned infectiously in his bed, the battle between blogging and sleeping was a long and arduous one. He decided to keep it short, for everyone's sake. 

The Deadline had been made clear to him. On the 15th of August his life most likely will take a turn for the worse. This game and the support and feedback it shall so hopefully get is the only thing that can lessen the blow of that tearful day. 

The plan seemed simple to him; make a demo featuring the first level which naturally shows off all the elements of the game, hope that it gets the amazing feedback and attention he thought it deserved, wait for someone to say "do a kick starter! I'd totally support this!" Then show his Parents and say something along the lines of "I'm sorry I didn't do so well at college, but X people have donated X money to make me a game designer. This is a viable future for me and my future family. I love the job, no matter how tough it can be." 

He was very tired now, he still read his success speech twice. Hopefully he'll have nice dreams of them, dreams that will motivate him to pour his blood, sweat, tears, heart and soul into this game. Then people will love it as much as he does. 

He types his final sentences and goes to sleep, reminding himself that tomorrow a whole bunch of work should get done. And that maybe the blood and soul bit was a tad extreme. 

"Goodnight peeps," he writes sleepily,
"See you next level!"

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